Why Coaching?


Coaching HabitsEveryone could use a coach. I wish that I had hired a coach when I was just a kid because it has been such a tremendous benefit to me. It has improved every area of my life.

I have read literally 100’s of books on self-development, and they are great. But, when you have a coach working with you, everything changes. It is the difference between reading about how to ride a bike and actually getting on that bike with a mentor to guide you.

You commit yourself to your goal and charge ahead – but you’re never alone. When you wobble or actually fall, when you ride into a rut and bruise yourself, your coach continually encourages you to keep up the “good work.” Your self-confidence doesn’t get bruised at all.

By the time we become adults, however, we have often beaten ourselves up so much we can’t even recall that little kid who had all that confidence. With a coach you become the kid who just gets back on and tries again and again till you get it.

That’s why businesses that offer life coaching services to their employees have been shown to get a 300% return on their investment!

A Master Consulting Group study of Fortune 500 companies found that “coaching resulted in an ROI of almost six times the program cost…” But, it isn’t just the financial aspect of this that impresses me.

Those surveyed also reported a:
77% improvement in relationships,
67% improvement in teamwork,
61% in job satisfaction and
48% improvement in quality.

Surveys continually report the benefits of having a life coach. However, experience has taught me that people fall back into their old routine if there is no follow-up.

So when I coach people now and they finish the main program (13 weeks) I encourage them to take a follow-up program. We meet once a month just to keep them motivated, focused and in line with their purpose.

Start your coaching program today by calling Conrad Toner at 506.473.1785. Pick up the phone and let me explain to you how it works. There is no cost involved.