What’s the Big Deal?


Always do what you are afraid to do.In my February news letter, I wrote about Staying Focused and how our inner conversation creates the path to accomplishing our dreams. Today, I want to focus on creating those dreams and hanging on to them.

We all have them. How do we create them?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher and poet, had some ideas on that topic. “The ancestor to every action is a thought,” he writes. “The energy that you have for creating what you want is in your thoughts.”

However, very often we don’t act on our thoughts. It is like having a fantastic dream. If you don’t write down what you want to remember about that fantastic dream or the thoughts you had, you may not remember them in the morning. It happens all the time. It is as if the Source is giving you this great idea but you refuse to do anything with it. You will say things like, “I will deal with it later.” But, later, you can’t remember what it is! The wind just seems to blow that idea on to someone else who is ready to receive it. You will then say to yourself, “I once thought of that, but I didn’t do anything with it.”

You see, when you have a dream, the thoughts that come to you on a daily basis are most often related to your dream. The way to create your dream is to develop those thoughts and move ahead with them. If you just stand around humming and hawing about your powerful idea then, hesitation, fear, and worry start to creep in. Maybe, you even start talking to yourself thinking things like: “That might not be such a great idea,” or “Someone must have already tried that,” or even “What would my friends think?” etc.

I have, over the years, found myself in that situation many times and, I have allowed myself to be held back. But I won’t be doing it any longer. When I have a dream that I feel good about, I am moving forward.

Jeff Olson, in his book The Slight Edge points out that “Only about one person out of twenty will ever achieve his or her goals and dreams in life.” That is why I think less than 5% of the population makes 95% of the money. Whenever that 5% comes up with a good idea, they don’t spend a whole lot of time wondering what their friends might think. You can be sure of that!

I have read that at the average funeral only about 10 people cry; and, if the weather is iffy, many of them might not even go on to the graveyard to see you planted. So what’s the big deal? Why worry about what people are thinking? Aren’t you better off to be doing something you love with your life than just floating around complaining about your work or a poor relationship?

When we are living our dreams, we are able to let go of fear, worry, guilt and all those other negative emotions. We know we are connected to Source. We know, because we love our work, that we make better decisions. We see wonderful results. We get along better in our relationships. And, we are most always able to accumulate more money.

What it all boils down to is that we all think and talk about how we…

  • are going to be happy when…
  • when I get my degree…
  • when I get that perfect relationship…
  • when I get my house paid for…
  • when I have more money…

But, you know what?

We have it all backwards!

It’s not really about money, a degree or your house payment. Isn’t it really more about living in the present, or being happy? Isn’t it true that, when you yourself are happy, that other people around you seem happier as well?

You don’t win a million dollars and then become happy. You become happy and then win a million dollars. Why? Because you are in the Vortex, you are connected with your Source and you attract it. You will also know what to do with it.

I appreciate your comments and or questions.