What Do You Ache For?


My experience tells me that most people are just like you and me. We are more comfortable following than we are leading. We’re afraid of being embarrassed by making mistakes or having people disagree with us.

But, I try not to live that way any longer, and so should you. It’s unhealthful, and it keeps us from understanding and using the immense power we all have within us. Abraham referenced that internal power in a Hick’s reading when she mentioned that “…only about 5% of the population is consciously aware enough to guide themselves toward joy.” The rest of us, then, get caught up in looking for what we want on the “outside” instead.

But, we can search a lifetime looking outside for answers to our challenges without ever finding and addressing them. Don’t go there!Deciding which goal to pursue

I suggest,instead, that you look for those answers internally because I, like Abraham, believe that the power to change comes from within. If we want to “guide (ourselves) toward joy,” if we want to live a happy, more loving, more productive life, then we need to trust ourselves and listen to what our heart and soul tell us.

There, in our heart and soul, we already do know what it is that we want. We just need to go and find it. It’s really as simple as that. It’s mostly that everpresent fear of making a mistake or becoming embarrassed that’s holding us back. But, when you realize that, and begin to look for your guidance internally, change begins to take place. And that’s also when the excitement and fulfillment begin to manifest too.

So you do have choices. You can focus on what you want, or you can continue to let fear keep you from reaching your goals. The choice is yours to make. I know, and you know as well, that life can be exciting, fulfilling, and more purposeful. And that’s why I’m working harder than ever before to help you. So, if you are now ready, this is the best time to challenge yourself, to get what you truly ache for. Don’t allow your past to control your future any longer.

Come. Work with me. In the next 13 weeks together, we will change your life.

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