Understanding Bullying


Bullying is a topic that has been around for years. It didn’t start yesterday and it won’t stop tomorrow. So let’s understand it.

You likely have all been bullied at some point in your life, and you also may have been the bully as well. Maybe you didn’t even notice that you were a bully at the time. I was bullied in school because I didn’t believe that I had the brains to be as smart as most of the other students. However, I did excel in other areas of my life, and I feel that made me a bully at times. For instance, if other kids were not as good at a sport as I was I would let them know by checking them much harder than I would have had to.

Bullying on Social Media

Dr. Demartini once told his own children as they were growing up. “If you’ve got a bully in your life and he’s pushing you around, it’s partly because you’re not guiding or governing your own life. You’re not empowered in that area. Once you empower that area, the bully disappears. If you don’t empower yourself, the bully just keeps coming in to toughen you up, to make you stronger so you empower that area.”

Isn’t it true that the dummies at school loved to get back at the smart ass kids who are beating them up with their intelligence? Most did that because they felt beat up by their lack of intelligence and the fact that they got little attention. Kids who are over-protected by parents, grandparents, teachers etc. find themselves in that same situation. Any part of your life that you don’t empower, someone else will. That’s just the way it is. There are always going to be situations like that.

When you get hurt by anything or anyone, you have to find the balance, otherwise you will just keep getting hurt. You probably know people who just keep getting pushed around and never seem to understand why. They keep blaming other people for what happens to them.

Learn to empower areas of your life where you are weakest. Become confident in the areas where you are least confident. Once you empower yourself, the bully will soon leave and find someone else to bully. As you become aware of just how powerful your thoughts are and began to direct your thoughts toward the things that you want to experience, the more effective and powerful you become as a person.

We all know people who have been bullied, who have lived in dire circumstances, or recovered from extreme illnesses. Many of these people have been able to get control of their situations. They have taken on their lives, empowered themselves and have gone to become some most influential and powerful people in the world. Oprah comes to mind. She is perhaps one of the best examples of someone who has overcome “bullying”.

We don’t have to stand back and allow ourselves to be bullied. At some point we all have to step up to the plate and take control our lives. Today might be the day to stop making excuses for yourself. Take on your life and fulfill your dream today because if you don’t someone else will.

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