How can you tell if your actions are inspired and focused? What about when your thoughts conflict with your beliefs? How clear do you need to be to achieve your goals?

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Step # 1. Know exactly what you want. What is your purpose? How can I live a truly fulfilled, joyful life? It is one of life’s most burning questions, isn’t it? Yet, the answer to this riddle has been eluding people for centuries. So, if you are stumped yourself, be […]

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October 13th is Thanksgiving day in Canada and so much happens in our lives to be grateful for but do we always remember what those things are? Start your day by repeating to yourself "Something wonderful is happening to me today". Then figure out what it is, and mark it down in […]

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Since its launch a few short weeks ago Unlock the Power of You has sold far more copies at this point in time than I anticipated. This book project has opened new doors for me. In the past week, I’ve been interviewed by local media and had a book signing […]

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12 Keys to Health, Happiness & Success Earlier this year I got together with 11 other self-improvement experts from the US and Canada to write a book. That book, Unlock the Power of YOU:12 Keys to Health, Happiness & Success offers inspirational and practical guidance, together with powerful techniques and […]

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Someone said to me the other day, “All of this self help stuff just doesn’t seem to work. I have been setting goals, attending conferences, reading self help books, and yes tried using the Law of Attraction (LOA) but it just isn’t working.”

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In Part 1, I explained the first 2 steps of the Law of Attraction, and many people loved the examples and references. Today I will explain step 3. For many this may be the most challenging step.

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If I were to tell you that it is possible to increase your self confidence by merely asking for help as a means to promote your own business/self assurance… Would that peak your interest?
Personally, I have recently increased my own self-confidence by…

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As I welcome the year 2012 and anticipate the new adventures that lie ahead I have become acutely aware that there seems to be a lot of uncertainty out there right now, which brings me to a few questions.
1. How do we motivate ourselves to raise our spirits?
2. What can we do to feel secure in our jobs?
3. Can our lives change overnight?

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