How you Can Create a Healthier, Wealthier and Happier Retirement (Phoenix Radio Program)
Are you ready to take control of your retirement? To live life on your terms, rather than adapting to whatever life throws at you? Have you noticed how amazingly fast things can fall into place when you do take control. Listen in as Conrad Toner, Life Coach and author of “Unlock the Power of You” is interviewed by Phillis Sax Pilvinis about attracting more health, wealth and happiness into your life for a secure and abundant retirement under any of life’s challenges.

Conrad Toner Radio Interview

The following article was written by Kim Drisdelle and published in the Miramichi Leader.
Imagine if we could easily attract everything we desired in life. From money, life partner relationships, careers, health, friendships, education to anything imaginable. Wouldn’t life be that much more fulfilling?

The popular book “The Secret” gives us a full description of having every element known to great scientists, artists, philosophers and great thinkers of discovering the secret laws and principles of the Universe. In writing “The Secret”, Australian author Rhonda Byrne’s intended to empower all others to live a joyous life. As each planet can stand differently from the other, “The Secret” too can be interpreted in many various ways.

Recently I attended a MYPIE (Miramichi Young Professionals & Involved Entrepreneurs) event on Health, Wealth, Happiness and “The Law of Attraction” presented by Conrad Toner, a certified Og Mandino Coach from Grand Falls. Was I impressed? Definitely!

Conrad Toner explained that every person, without exception, has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, health and abundance, was truly embracing. His workshop’s focus was simply how to use the age-old secret of “Law of Attraction” to attract the life you want.

This man was more than just a presenter. His passion allowed for an inner connection with all those present. Because he was excited, I was excited! Because he was fascinated, I was fascinated! And, because his recommendations came from the heart, I was impacted.

Passion is a self-generated tool and when you witness it, you can’t help but to walk away in awe…. wanting to take a bit away for yourself. Having passion in your field of work or business is the single fastest way to spur yourself to massive success, and, Conrad Toner says applying the Law of Attractive is the key to doing just that.

There are mornings when I wake up and I find myself a little cranky and irritated for no given reason. Not paying too much attention to my state of mind, I walk into the kitchen only to find the counter full of dirty dishes that the kids left behind from the night before. Then I discover there is no hot water for me to shower. Grinding my teeth, I utter a few choice words and jump in just the same. Quickly dressing, I then stub my toe on the corner of the bed post. Driving to work, an old lady ahead is going 20 km/hour which increases my intolerance level. I arrive at work and realize that I have forgotten the extension to my laptop on the table. Returning home to fetch it, I continue on with my day feeling that perhaps I should have just stayed in bed.

Thank goodness for mood and attitude changers because life would be completely unbearable should one be stuck in such a state. I am happy to say, I don’t allow myself to experience many of those days as I have learned, with practice, my ability to change my state of mind and in turn how my day unfolds.

My high energy level, my love for the work I do, and my love for life enable me to change the result of anything I encounter into a positive outcome. Learning not to sweat the “small stuff” and applying this principle to my everyday life is what allows me to focus on the things I can change.

The words we use generate most feelings we consume. They actually give attention and energy to all that transpires in every given moment of our lives. Learning to eliminate words such as don’t, not and no will change the course of our day.

When reflecting on my bad mood, crankiness and irritation in the above mentioned scenario, I think of the positives that could be learned from such unwanted experiences.

On this particular day, I forget to say my favorite prayer before sleep. Remembering to say “The Serenity Prayer” is my reminder of life’s limitations, expectations, and heights of reaching personal potentials and achievements. In regards to the dirty dishes on my counter, there will come a day when I will miss seeing them. My baby is off to University this year leaving me to face “empty-nest syndrome” which I don’t look forward to.

Jumping into a cold shower is having the presence of mind similar to jumping into a cool pool after getting out of a hot tub. The old lady driving slowly is a huge reminder that I too will become old and will be considered lucky to have a driver’s license. At this age, I am already considered as one of the worst drivers in Canada! Stubbing my toe is a reminder to slow down and not to be in such a hurry, hand that “Life is too short”. Forgetting my laptop cable is what happens when I allow little things to scatter my brain.

Today, I am thinking Conrad Toner is on to something. “Whether it’s a positive or negative vibration, the Law of Attraction will give you more of the same” – Michael J. Losier