How’s That Working For You? – Part 2

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In Part 1, I explained the first 2 steps of the Law of Attraction, and many people loved the examples and references. Today I will explain step 3. For many this may be the most challenging step.

Short version for 3rd step “Allowing”

Once you master these 3 steps you will be living your greatest life.

That I can assure you.

This final step of allowing is where some people get caught. You need to practice “allowing”, thus manifesting your dreams. Notice things that have happened because of you. Say to yourself, “That house, garden, plant, tree, or child is here because of me.” Notice what you have created and brought to the world.

Allowing” is very simple but it still takes practice. You are “allowing” all the time. you just have to realize how and what you are “allowing” because you attract everything into your life.

In order for your dreams to manifest, you must release all negative energy and have no doubt as to the outcome. In other words let yourself feel it in your heart to the point where you just know it is going to happen. There is no doubt. It just feels so right that you can almost taste it. This is called “matching the vibration.”

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say that you are in a job that you are not happy with and you would like to do something more challenging. For example, you want to own your own dress shop; call it a dress shop. You have already manifested that a dress shop is what you want. (Step 1)

OK!! That’s exciting; because you know and feel that it is the right decision.

(Step 2) You now give this dress shop your attention, energy and focus, so it becomes a finished product in your mind. You can visualize it so clearly it even smells like a dress shop. You are talking to people who support you and telling them about your dream. You visit dress shops that you love. You may have even worked or are currently working in a dress shop. You have pictures of your ideal dress shop on your vision board. You know this is what you want and you’re ready. You are so focused that nothing can stop you.

At this point, you have already made it through the first 2 steps and you’re grateful and excited that you have made it this far.

Step 2 is complete. Wow!!

But now you may be saying: “Conrad where do I go from here?” What is the next step?  Take time to congratulate yourself. That is “Allowing”.

And, just how do I allow?

Listen carefully. “Allowing” is all about receiving, all about letting go of the “doubt”. Remember you don’t have to know how it is going to happen. Too many people get caught up in the “how”. Leave the how to the universe. The universe always says “yes”.

Your purpose in life is to be happy and feel joy, right? The happier you are the more happiness you will attract. Like attracts like. The more joy you have the more you will continue to attract this beautiful dress shop into your life.

Remember to enjoy being part of this “allowing” process, enjoy the journey. The more you enjoy it, the faster your dream comes to you. It is always about the journey never about the destination. It is not about “I’ll be happy when…” it is about being happy in the present moment. Most people get this backward.

Doubt is a negative vibration so eliminate it. If the voice in your head is saying that you can’t have the dress shop or that you don’t deserve the dress shop and you listen to that, then the dress shop will not show up. It’s as simple as that! On the other hand, your positive vibration can cancel the negative vibration of doubt. Light is more powerful than darkness. When you turn on a light in a dark room, what happens? The darkness always leaves.

Desire is another powerful vibration, so take a few minutes every day to ground yourself. How fast you attract is totally dependent on how much you are “allowing”. If you are not receiving what you have asked for, know that you are blocking its delivery. Perhaps, you feel you don’t deserve it or somehow doubt you can have it for some reason or another. If so let go of the doubt and fill your mind with desire.

It will surprise you how quickly things will start to happen. Some things will just start to show up or some person will walk into your life. A location for a dress shop will come up for sale. Someone will offer you financing. The right supplier will come along. Begin to notice the things that the universe is bringing to you. Be grateful for them. Make note of the progress thanking God and the universe.

One final note. Don’t ever forget the universe will always match what you are putting out. I have been telling you what a great force that can be. Celebrate the moment something happens that brings you closer to your goal.

Wouldn’t if be awful if you attract something to you and you didn’t even notice it or you were not grateful for it? LOA will always match what you are putting out. So send a vibration of the way you want the dress shop to be. Report evidence and record the things that you are attracting to it that day and write them out. Things then start to happen the way you want them to be because you begin to attract more of the same and are appreciating it. It is the law.

“Most of all you have to be in a vibrational state for receiving.” Abraham

A word about Meditation:

In my own life, I find that the LOA always works best for me when I take time to ground myself through meditation. I become aware of the energy I am putting out and receive back from my desires. I get clients and more opportunities to speak. Everything seems to be in alignment. This is when I have the most fun in life. I meditate better, exercise easier and things just work out (I am in the Vortex). When I am there (in the Vortex) I attract more of everything else that I want as well. Things just happen. When I am feeling positive emotions I attract more of that power.

When I am out of the vortex or not using these strengths, I attract feelings of negativity. Thus I attract negative emotion. I often find myself talking bad about people, criticizing people, not focusing on their strengths or mine. When I am in that situation I attract more of that which I do not want.

When this happens I make a strong effort to get back into the vortex because I attract what I put out. (It’s the Law)

How do I get back in the vortex?

By focusing on the good things in life and focusing on positive solutions. Solutions bring positive emotions.

Maybe today you have become just a bit clearer on how to attract more of what you want into your life.

A thought from Abraham Hicks:

“Many want to point out “reality” to you. They say, “Face the facts, look at what-is.” And we say to you: If you are able to see only what-is, then, by the Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is. You must put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something more or something that is different.