Hartman Value Profile


The Hartman Value Profile –
The Key to Understanding YOU!


Prior to starting one of my coaching programs, I’ll have you complete the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) assessment. It’s a simple 12 to 15 minute exercise that’s been scientifically validated in hundreds of studies over the past 20 years.Dr. Robert Hartman, the creator of the Hartman Value Profile was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his research on the hierarchy of values. More than 30 years of study and validation by Dr. Hartman and Wayne Carpenter went into the creating the Hartman Value Profile.

The Hartman Value Profile provides very specific and personal results
that include:

  • Identifying strengths and natural abilities, as well as weaknesses;
  • Pinpoints thinking preferences and biases, and their effects;
  • Recommends ways to reduce vulnerabilities and work towards a balanced, happy and productive life.

The Hartman Value Profile provides objective, quantitative results because it is based on mathematics and science. The results provide a personal “roadmap” that provides clarity and direction. When you know your values and how they influence you, it becomes much easier to make better decisions.

When you complete and submit the assessment, a personalized 29 page report and a summary that is unique to you, based on your answers, will be prepared. In addition you and I will schedule time to discuss the report in detail.

With this new found knowledge, you’ll be in a great position to leverage your strengths and know how to avoid getting yourself into situations that reduce your effectiveness.

Completing the Hartman Value Profile provides insights and guidance into living a happier and more fulfilling life.

The regular price for the Hartman Value Profile Assessment is normally $399, but if you call me today at 506-473-1785 and mention this web page, you’ll receive a 50% discount, which means you get the Assessment and the personal one-on-one debriefing for only $199. With this small investment, you’ll know yourself better than you ever have. You’ll know where the “roadblocks” are and what’s been holding you back. It’s a launching pad to a new and better you.

I believe that once you’ve taken the Hartman Value Profile, read the customized report and summary and we’ve had our discussion, your experience will reflect those of my other clients. Following is a sample of
what others have said about their experience after they have completed this life changing exercise.

“Conrad: This exercise was very impressive. It’s amazing how the Hartman Value Profile can identify strengths and weaknesses with so little information. I am sure this will help me achieve more in my personal and professional life. Thanks a lot for this amazing assessment and analysis. Your interventions were right on and you also made me feel at ease and in confidence. I will spread the word. Thanks again”.
Michel Lang
MICU/MCIP Directeur Commission du District d’aménagement de LaVallée


“Amazed and Enlightened”
“I was amazed and enlightened by my initial assessment and debriefing. Now, after four weeks in the program, I am noticing more connection and trust in my relationship with [clients] and others. After years of pursuing personal development, it is refreshing to have found a system that focuses on developing my strengths as opposed to trying to “fix” my weaknesses.”
Dennis Harris


“My Hartman Value Profile Assessment and debriefing gave me a new vision of my life. I now see where all my energy was focused, most of it on the negative and on the past. Your great listening skills, your openness and encouragement gave me a much needed
boost.I feel much better equipped to face life now and I am ready to move on. I have already noticed many improvements in both my personal and professional life. I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and I do recommend this exercise to everyone”.
G Pelletier
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Now is the time to take action, and discover your values hierarchy. Without this
Knowledge your best prepared plans and actions could be for naught.

To get started give me a call at 506-475-9673 or complete the form below and
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I look forward to hearing from you.

Conrad Toner

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