Can Our Lives Change Overnight?

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As I anticipate the new adventures that lie ahead I have become acutely aware that there seems to be a lot of uncertainty out there right now, which brings me to a few questions.

  1. How do we motivate ourselves to raise our spirits?
  2. What can we do, to feel secure in our jobs?
  3. Can our lives change overnight?

It is my experience that through the power of the Law of Attraction in which, “ like attracts like” and positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, we can attract all that we desire for a joyful, prosperous life.

Learning to think positive thoughts and block out negative thoughts is key to achieving your maximum possibilities. This does not come naturally to most of us, it takes practice, and even those of us who have been using this method have to reiterate it every once in awhile.

Back in 1976 I read an amazing book that entirely changed my life. It was a step-by-step method for escaping the trap of negative thinking and taking control of my life.

That book really touched me. It changed my life and I haven’t looked back since. I have read hundreds of books since that time but I still pick up “Your Erroneous Zones” every once in a while because it brings back the stillness that I need in my life. To this day it still sits in my office with most of Wayne Dyer’s books.

I believe that I have read everything that Wayne Dyer has written and have come to know him almost as well I know my own brothers and sisters.

I realize that we all have challenges in our lives, but along with these challenges come many open doors with unending possibilities, if only we would venture through those doors and unlock the potential that lies beyond them. Sometimes those doors come in the form of a good book, a course we sign up for, a decision to make ourselves a priority or simply acknowledging that it’s all ours for the taking; regardless of the form it takes, we are all given free will and can actively decide to change our lives for the better.

With all the help that is available at our fingertips in today’s world letting ourselves get discouraged shouldn’t even be an option anymore.

As Wayne suggests in his book “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life”

“Break down whatever it is to one thing that can be done today, right in this moment. Erase the big picture—simply do what you can do and let everything else fade. Write the opening paragraph of your novel. Lay out your blue print for the home you want to build. Sign up for one course at the local educational institution. Go for a two minute run. Be in the now. See how doing the Tio at this moment brings big results by paradoxically staying small and simple”.

This is powerful advice. Sometimes thinking small is the best way to get big things done.

Looking at the big picture can often be very overwhelming so breaking it down to baby steps makes it all very attainable.

I want you to fill your heart with passion and enthusiasm, find something you love, something you can get excited about. I want to help you make decisions that are right for you.

Go ahead and start by asking yourself some tie down questions (questions that demand a “Yes” response.)


  1. You can make this happen with practice, can’t you?
  2. You’re job would be much more pleasant if you had something to be motivated about, wouldn’t it?
  3. It would really feel good to be able to attract more of what you want into your life and less of what you don’t want, wouldn’t it?
  4. If you had three months of really powerful coaching, understood the Law of Attraction, learned where you were most balanced in your life and had some help to set powerful goals, this would improve your life, wouldn’t it?

It is my hope that you make yourself and your goals a priority, and don’t lose sight of what is important in your life. All too often we put aside our own dreams and aspirations only to spread ourselves thin by assisting others in their quests.

We must remember that we are better equipped to help others when we are at our personal best!