Asking For Help

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If I were to tell you that it is possible to increase your self confidence by merely asking for help as a means to promote your own business/self assurance… Would that peak your interest?

Personally, I have recently increased my own self-confidence by way of multimedia advertising as a means to promote my passion (Conrad Toner Coaching).

Being a life coach, you would think I have all the self-confidence I need, but being human we are all presented with challenges to conquer. On the flip side, we are also given special gifts and talents where we exceed in some areas but not in others. That is where “asking” others for help comes in, be it in business or personal, there is always someone with an answer and in my coaching practice I like to think that I can be that someone for many of you.

I myself am ready to admit that I am not, nor have I ever presented myself to be an expert in all aspects of marketing, this is where I reach out to those who are the experts and are given the creative abilities and talents to assist those like myself in bringing their ideas to life. It is a learning process to be able to step back and let those who excel in your areas of need be your guides. It is no easy task as we are preconditioned to believe that asking for help is a weakness. “Au contraire”, I personally see it as a strength. You know the old saying “The hardest road is usually the best road” and isn’t it true that we all “not just men” are afraid to ask for directions in life and in business.

I have asked for all the help that I could and I have learned to be humble enough to allow myself to receive it.

I have reached many of my goals and some I have surpassed. The Law of Attraction continues to be an amazing experience continuing to allow me to attract more of what I want into my life and less of what I don’t want. Law of Attraction has allowed me to reach out to people, to be continually excited and amazed about life.

I feel that I have a mission ahead of me, it is to make as many people as possible aware of just how pleasing the universe can be if we allow ourselves to be open minded and listen.

In closing, I would encourage you to challenge yourself today and ask one person for help in one area of your life. Maybe you could choose someone you have previously helped in one way or another.