A Thanksgiving Note


October 13th is Thanksgiving day in Canada and so much happens in our lives to be grateful for but do we always remember what those things are?

Start your day by repeating to yourself "Something wonderful is happening to me today". Then figure out what it is, and mark it down in your journal every night. If not you just might forget what it was.

We have a tendency to remember a lot of the things that went wrong. We forget about all the wonderful things that really did happen during our day that were positive.

Remembering what went right each day is a very positive thing to do; because the more you remember what went right, the more you attract better things into your life. The more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for.

We never really know how much we affect a person’s life. Just taking a few minutes to compliment a person on the street, greet a person with a smile or to tell an employee how much you appreciate them, can really make their day. 

Harvesting potatoes in NB, Canada is a very busy time of year.  Many of the workers work extremely hard for as many as 12 hours a day or more. Just the other day a friend of mine told me how good he felt after his boss told him what a great truck driver he was.  He was so proud to tell me that and it put a real smile on his face. I know it made his day and I felt good for him. 

Being complimentary to other people is something we can all do. It takes no time, costs nothing, makes them feel good and increases the vibration of both the giver and the receiver. You can change a person’s life with just a smile, by being nice or by passing a compliment.

I am privileged as a life coach to be in a position almost on a daily basis where I have an opportunity to compliment people and encourage them. Below is a note from a person who showed appreciation for what I do by sending me this note:

"People like you remind me to wake up everyday with a thankful heart, to never give up and learn from all of life. You helped me remember who I was every time I saw you. I want you to know that even if it sounds strange, you impacted my life and for that I am thankful. I will always smile when I see you or hear your name".

I feel blessed to know that I may have impacted a person’s life to that extent. It took very little time for this person to write this note. I appreciate that she did take time to do that because it also impacted my life to know that people really do appreciate what I do.

We can easily take a few minutes out of our day to help someone feel better about themselves. This to me is what Thanksgiving is all about.