A Mother’s Tribute


Mothers Day is always very special for me and most people I know. I loved my mother and will always cherish what I have learned from her. She was a women of faith who never seemed to complain about anything. If God answered her prayers that was fine; if he didn’t it just wasn’t the time or the right thing to happen. She would just leave it in God’s hands.

I am not sure I always understood that about her, but she just knew inside that things would work out. And they always did as far as I knew. She accepted everyone as they were. Even if some of us were going through hard times or were having trouble in school, she loved us all the same and never gave up on any of us.

When we arrived from school, it was just a quick, “Hi mom!”, a bit to eat and out we went. There was lots to do.

That may not seem like a big deal but — till this day — I still remember how important it seemed to be for us to know that she would always be there. It created a certain sense of security.

I know today that it is almost impossible for most mothers to be at home when their kids get back from school; but, nevertheless, it still does happen and I encourage it when possible.

A mothers tribute

I’m not sure that Mothers realize how important they are to their children or how much their children really love and depend on them but my experience when working with people tells me that they do.

Rest assured that your children do appreciate what you do for them and, even if it doesn’t always seem that way, they will always be there for their mother as well.

To my wife Linda and all the wonderful mothers; we thank you so much. Enjoy your day.