3 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dream


Step # 1. Know exactly what you want. What is your purpose?

How can I live a truly fulfilled, joyful life? It is one of life’s most burning questions, isn’t it? Yet, the answer to this riddle has been eluding people for centuries. So, if you are stumped yourself, be certain you are not alone.

But then, there are those who seem to find inner happiness effortlessly. They make life look easy, don’t they? So what is their secret? And how do you tap into that?

I have been a life coach for years now. And, in this work one of the first things I noticed, is that most people have no clear idea of what they want to do in life.

By the time many are graduating from high school, they do began to ask lots of questions:

Which university? Which program at that particular university?

Or, what kind of job pays the best? Which has the best benefits?

How much vacation time will I have? What do my parents think?

Yet, even years later, while they have already asked a lot of questions, many still have no clue as to what they really want out of life.

It took me years to find out what my real purpose in life would be. Most people would pay dearly for the answer to such questions. I know I would have.

Deciding what we should be doing with our lives is no easy task, and our “ego” often gets in the way.

As long as we look primarily to others for guidance, worrying about what they are thinking, we may never find the answers.

Remember, you are the Master of your life. Life shouldn’t just happen to you. Put yourself in charge. Turn inward. Trust your instinct to make it happen.

If you are not loving what you are doing, you will be getting up every morning dreading going to work. I can’t think of anything worse.

Sometimes, we all have to ask ourselves if what we are doing with our life is what we really truly want. Last Sunday night, I was thinking, “I wonder what it would it be like if I didn’t love what I was doing and had to go to work anyway.”

I am not trying to scare you, but if you are not doing what you truly love, chances are you are not living that “truly fulfilled, joyous” life we mentioned earlier.

The best advice that I can give you is to turn inward to your Higher Power and ask for guidance. Many might say that this advice is just a bit too religious for them, and that’s fine.

We all know where the answers are. Yet, I meet and work with too many people who have never yet even tried to be introspective. They are the same ones who are still going to work, day after dreary day, wishing they didn’t have to get out of bed.

Now may be the time for you to change! When you are ready to take action, do it from a feeling of fulfillment, believing that you will receive what you ask for. Mark 11:24, reads: “Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask, believe that you have received them and you will receive them.”

That is sound advice. The best way to do that is to take time every day to ground yourself. Meditate, even if it is only for a few minutes. Allow stillness to bring you your answer from within.
Have rock-solid faith that your purpose will come to you. Understand that the Universe is there for you. Stay focused. Write down what you think your purpose might be every day until it comes clear to you.

Step # 2. Visualize and focus on it till you get it.


Once you have asked and truly found some answers, your life purpose will come to you. Develop a feeling for how you might fulfill your purpose.

Don’t be too hard on yourself while you figure out how to put your purpose into practice. Allow yourself time.

When you’re purpose is clear to you, talk about it. If it is a job or a business that someone already has, visit that person, talk to him or her, maybe work with them for a while. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Remember, your purpose in life is to be fulfilled. When you are fulfilled, you are going to make everyone around you feel more at ease.
I know that money is important and we need money to live. So make it part of your journey. I love money. Money is energy, and it is that energy that I need to travel, take courses and fulfill my life.

I have been studying for years and often the best use of the money that I have spent has been on personal development.

I sincerely believe what Brian Tracy has to say about personal development. “For every dollar you invest in your personal development, it adds at least $30 to your bottom line over time.”

So, take time to meditate. Visualize what you want your life to look and feel like. Remember that wisdom is knowing that the answers to all our challenges lies within. Anyone who looks outside for the answers is never going find them.

Step # 3. Visualize and focus on it till you get it.

Never, ever, ever give up on fulfilling your purpose in life. Allow yourself time to visualize your dream. Feel how wonderful your life will be when you can’t wait to get out of bed to do what you truly love doing.

Too many people have given up and they, for the most part, continue to feel an emptiness that sometimes persists for a life time.

As Og Mandino suggests, there will be obstacles along the way. You won’t always know how many steps are necessary to find fulfillment. But allow yourself the privilege of knowing that you will succeed.

“For now I know one of the greatest principles of success: If I persist long enough I will win. I will persist. I will win.” Og Mandino
Everyone has a right to a happy, fulfilling life. When people love what they do, they feel more fulfilled. When people are “fulfilled,” they are beaming with enthusiasm, love, peace, prosperity and the feeling that they deserve it.

What if you know it is time to make a change in your life and you just don’t feel capable of doing it on your own?

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Fulfillment has an air about it that is much deeper than just success.